Smart Investigator, showcased at InfoSecurity London, 5-7 June 2017

Smart Investigator, showcased at InfoSecurity London, 5-7 June 2017

The Nextgen team showcased Smart Investigator and shared a new vision on how to holistically approach cybersecurity, internal control, and anti-fraud challenges at the region’s number one information security event.


InfoSecurity featured Europe’s largest and most comprehensive conference program and over 360 exhibitors showcasing the most relevant information security solutions and products to 13,500 visitors.



Nowadays, IT organizations aren’t just fighting hackers and malware. They’re also battling a torrent of data from their own networks. Moreover, the increasing adoption of mobile, cloud and social requires the adoption of new security technology that can handle the information overload and the diversity of cyber threats.

To deal with disparate data sources from various applications and systems in such a complex and crowded environment, companies need solid innovative technology to unify and make data actionable, for keeping them safe and strong.

Smart Investigator is a revolutionary Big Data Security Analytics Platform that gathers valuable data from multiple technology sources and empowers users to take actionable, critical decisions in real-time.

Smart Investigator has at its core a strong analytics engine powered by machine learning, anomaly detection, and a clear dashboard-based graphics architecture.

smart investigator

Smart Investigator proved to be a fast and efficient platform for IT security investigation, with advanced capabilities for monitoring and investigating IT incidents in a highly intuitive graphic environment, with run-time analytics and fast returning reports, essential in real-time combating of fraudulent activities on National Critical Infrastructure and enterprise environments, across industries varying from cyber defence to telecommunications, healthcare, banking or insurance.

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